Spring and Summer Months Usher in the Weddings! Here is the story of a very special couple Victoria and John.

This Spring and Summer I had the honor and challenge of baking two wedding cakes for the same Bride and Groom a few months apart. Why, you might ask? Covid 19!

When Victoria and John got engaged over a year ago, they began to plan their perfect wedding in perfect detail. They chose a date, a reception venue, bridesmaids and groomsmen. They chose invitations, Tuxedos and Bridesmaids gowns. Victoria and her Mom shopped for the perfect “Princess” gown. Guest lists were written and Victoria’s “Storybook” cake was chosen.

Victoria always wanted her wedding cake to come from the same bakery as her Mom’s and her Aunt’s wedding cakes. After all it was a family tradition and Victoria loved Traditions! Their cakes came from the famous New Orleans wedding cake specialists, Swiss Confectionary Bakery. Victoria chose a tall cake with several tiers that were separated by Grecian columns and decorated with old fashioned Buttercream flowers and swirls. The cake was chosen and all was well with the world.

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