Tonight is one of my “Dinner For Free Meals”.What does that mean????

 Well, it just means I didn’t have to go to the store to purchase any groceries to prepare the meal  for the family.



During these Quarantine days my kids really don’t want me to leave the house so when my son “lets” me cook dinner, (He loves to cook, too,)  I look at what is in the freezer, check out the pantry, and then peruse the fridge to see what is already on hand.

About four weeks ago, I cleaned out the freezer upstairs and my little one downstairs and typed up a list of what was on hand.  I needed to do that because we were buying things or cooking things we already had frozen. 


I remembered we had about five nice thick slices of Roasted Prime Rib in the freezer so I decided that tonight we would have Roast Beef Hash that would normally be made from leftover Rump Roast. 

I cut up all the slices of meat (after trimming away any excess fat and gristle) into 1/2-1” cubes.  I saved all the trimmings and any juices that were in the bag when it defrosted along with any of the whole garlic slivers I had studded in the Prime Rib. 

I started a stock with it (the trimmings, etc. ) along with some saved random bits of celery, onions, and parsley sprigs.  I let it all simmer for about an hour on low and then added some small Yukon Gold Potatoes I found in the pantry!  I let that simmer for about 40 minutes, strained the broth and removed all the potatoes and cut into large cubes. I also cut the red and green bell peppers along with one large onion into 1” squares.

I put the strained broth back on the stove and brought it to a med. low simmer to concentrate it, reducing it by 1/3.  I also found a large handful of fresh green beans so I cut those into 2” pieces and parboiled them, also.

 I did NOT ADD ANY seasoning to the stock because my prime rib roast was well salted and had lots of fresh garlic, Rosemary.  and fresh bay leaf when it was roasted so there was still a lot of seasoning still clinging to the trimmings when I made the stock.  

Because the potatoes were almost cooked thru, I started the hash by adding a few tablespoons of Crisco oil to a large skillet and stir fried the onions and peppers for three minutes.  I carefully stirred in the cubed potatoes and raised the heat to medium high.  I let the potatoes brown slightly without moving them around.  Using a large spatula, I flipped the mixture in the pan over like you would a pancake and gently added the meat cubes to the pan.  I did not stir it, but allowed the hash to cook and brown slightly for about 2-3 minutes.  I repeated flipping mixture and tasted for seasoning.  Since the potatoes should have soaked up some of the salt from the stock I don’t add any seasoning until the dish is cooked.  I taste it and  then add any seasoning I think it needs!



Scattered the Green Beans, a bit of Paprika and fresh chopped parsley.  You can drizzle with a little of the reduced stock if your hash needs a little more moisture!!  Serve hot!!  YUM!!

Bon Appetit……..until next time


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